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With the holidays coming up soon, please keep ACT in mind next time you do some online shopping! 
                  1. First go to: smile.amazon.com.
                   2. Sign in using your Amazon account information.
                   3. Under, "Or pick your own charitable organization," search for, "San 
                        Angelo Civic Theatre."     

On Friday, June 24, four people broke in and robbed ACT. They stole about $5,500 worth of tools and equipment and did a lot of destruction. We need your help. Please consider a gift of support.



Be sure to check back for updates on upcoming events as well as our remodel!



The lobby just got a fresh coat of mint green paint trimmed in black.  That is just the beginning.             

Look at what was hiding under that green carpet in the lobby! We are ripping that carpet up and bringing back some of that Parkway nostalgia. 

Welcome to the longest running community theatre in Texas! For 134 years, Angelo Civic Theatre has been dedicated to creating art and bonding the community.